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Bellanage Peel – Bella Rosa Rejuvenation ClinicBellanage Peel – Bella Rosa Rejuvenation Clinic

The Bellanage Peel is a superficial chemical peel designed specifically to treat uneven pigment, such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma, and mild texture problems on the face. Unlike laser and IPL treatments, the Bellanage Peel can be used safely and effectively on all skin types.

Traditional laser and chemical peel treatments have not been beneficial for clients with darker skin. The Bellanage Peel is unparalleled in its ability to safely target pigment and texture issues for all skin types, without unwanted side effects commonly seen with other treatment options.

How It Works:

The system consists of two parts: a masque applied by our medical staff and an after care medical-grade product regimen provided at your appointment. During your office visit, your masque/ peel will be applied. The masque is a thick, white substance that takes about 20 minutes to apply. Although it is not painful, it must be worn for up to 10 hours before it is removed.

The product regimen consists of medical-grade skin care products which are included in the price of the Bellanage Peel. The regimen is started as soon as the masque is removed. The Bellanage Peel is similar to the “Melanage” Peel, except we add an extra moisturizing step to the product regimen that speeds up recovery time.

We will see you in the office for a 2 and 4 week follow up visit to evaluate your recovery and outcome. At your 4 week visit, your Bella Rosa service providers will outline your custom skincare plan to maintain your results.

Expected Outcome:

Most clients experience significant peeling of the skin starting at day 2-3 post treatment. Resolution of skin peeling usually occurs by day 5 post treatment. Sensitivity and redness are common beginning day 2 post treatment, which are soothed with the products included in the products regimen. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation will significantly lighten after one treatment, and pore size, fine lines, and mild texture concerns will improve dramatically for most clients.


Below are reasons to avoid or postpone having a Bellanage Peel:

  • If you have an active cold sore or warts, open wounds, sunburn, excessively sensitive skin, dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea in the area to be treated
  • If you have a history of herpes simplex, be certain to inform the doctor
  • If you have a history of allergies and rashes, skin reactions or sensitivities
  • If you have taken Accutane within the last year
  • If you have received chemotherapy or radiation therapy in the last year
  • If you are breast-feeding


For more information on the Bellanage Peel, or to schedule a consultation, please call Bella Rosa today at 713-383-ROSA (7672) or email us via our contact page.