Reasons To Choose Juvederm Over Other Dermal Fillers

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If you’re like most women, you want to hold onto youth as long as possible. As you age, you’re likely to notice fine or deep wrinkles, lost volume in the facial area and more. While other body problems may arise, as well, the facial area is the one seen most by every person you come into contact with, making it necessary to look your best at all times. Juvederm is one of many dermal fillers, but the reasons to choose this option over others are many.


While hyaluronic acid is available in most dermal fillers, it’s not created equal. Hyaluronic acid is already found in the human body, making it the go-to choice for fillers. There’s less rejection of the serum, and you’re less likely to be allergic. However, many fillers are granular in consistency (think traditional white sugar), and you want it to be smoother (think powdered sugar). That way, the gel flows into the skin easier and provides a more natural look.

Lasts Long

For one thing, Juvederm is the only filler that uses hyaluronic acid and is also approved by the FDA. For another, it lasts up to one year with just one treatment. Most fillers require treatments every few months, making this a long-lasting option for those who want to plump up their face and reduce wrinkles.


The XC version comes with lidocaine, which means it can be more comfortable during the process and afterward. You may feel less pain and discomfort after the procedure.

Safe For Everyone

It is FDA-approved for all skin types, including people with darker skin tones.


With Juvederm, you get a customized plan because there are two formulas from which to choose. The Ultra XC gives you the volume and contouring you want while the Ultra Plus XC can treat deeper wrinkles and folds.

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